Renaissance Foundation is largely dependent on donations and grants to continue providing invaluable and long-lasting support for its young people. Consider becoming part of that journey, either by helping financially or by getting involved with us through pro-bono support. 

 How you can donate

Consider becoming one of our major supporter by making a large donation. 

Major donors of the charity such as our Founder Friends play a tremendous role. They are at the heart of the charity’s future by not only providing financial support and connections but also giving advice and skills. 

Get in touch with Marie at to hear more.

Become a Friend of Renaissance Foundation by supporting our Lights On appeal and donating £20 a month.



This money will contribute directly to the costs of our drop-in centre and help it remain a safe space of inspiration and fulfilment, keeping the 'lights on' in our young people's minds.

Contribute £10 towards the costs of an inspirational visit or skill-based workshop by texting the code ‘RFJG05 £10’ to 70070. 

This money will help with the delivery of our ongoing i-Can Do It programme, a 3-year programme of inspiration and practical training that has a tangible and long-lasting impact on our young people.

 How you can get involved


Share your life lessons.

Send us a letter relating a personal story of inspiration and hope. Maybe you overcame a particularly tough challenge in your youth, or are still living with a difficult condition. Share your life lessons with our young people and we will read your letters out loud during one of our drop-in sessions.

Email us at


Develop a corporate partnership with us.

Your business or employer might be able to help Renaissance Foundation in a number of ways: financially - through CSR support, matching the fundraising of individuals within the organisation, or including us within give-as-you-earn schemes - or in other ways, such as offering work experiences to our young people and encouraging your fellow employees to become mentors.

Email us at

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Launch fundraising activities in benefit of Renaissance Foundation.

If you’re a keen marathon runner or if you like to throw a challenge at your friends we would love to hear from you and explore how you could turn these fun activities into something for a good cause.

Email us at

 Special Thanks to the following INDIVIDUALS AND organisations for their kind donations to Renaissance Foundation over the past three years

Antony and Amanda Jenkins




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