About us

We are a specialist London based charity, starting from a grassroots approach. We have developed an award winning programme over the last 11 years, supporting young people living with significant life challenges aged 13-19.

Who do we help?

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How do we help?

Our Approach
We specialise in to providing a long term support with high impact. We want to change and improve the lives of every young person who receives support from our charity.

Our Programme
Our 3-year programme is designed to raise aspirations, increase resilience and develop vocational soft skills.
It is delivered as a personalised journey to help them to apply their experiential learning to other parts of their lives.

Our programme is based around building a strong peer support group at the heart of it and begins with our i-Can Do it personal development careers workshop. This then progresses through to inspirational visits and skills related workshops.

At our workshops and social events we help broaden horizons by teaching practical skills like critical thinking, public speaking and computer literacy. We have partnered with leading companies and institutions to help deliver a dynamic and innovative programme, this helps our young people to think about their future careers.

Above all, we provide a safe place for our young people to come to where they can talk, share, learn and develop.

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