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Speech from 10 Downing Street by Prime minister David Cameron on the work
of Renaissance Foundation

' I’ve talked many times before about the problems of our broken society and I’ve always insisted that we really are all in this together. It’s something I care about deeply; it is integral to my politics and that’s why I’m so pleased to thank The Renaissance Foundation today for all its work. Like you I know that young people sometimes need help to achieve their best and that we have a responsibility to get out there and give them the confidence to succeed, because we cannot afford to write off any part of the next generation. We can’t allow some young people to slide into a life of crime, failure and dependency but nor can we simply stand back expect everyone to make it on their own. That’s why schemes such as the ones run by the Renaissance Foundation are so valuable. You know, as I do, that the best way for people to get on in life, is to get into work and you have been showing young people the way -Finding role models, opening young people’s eyes, giving them hope and ambition. You’ve been encouraging people who think success isn’t for them to learn experience for others. You’ve helped people realise that they really ‘can do it’

The thing is, we’re not going to turn our society around by just issuing orders from the top. Government doesn’t have all the answers, instead it will take the commitment and effort of groups like yours; it’s what we need to see more of in this country. So thank you, and the very best of luck '