'A Royal Welcome' - Renaissance Foundation Visits Buckingham Palace

On Wednesday 2nd September, Renaissance Foundation spent the afternoon walking around the beautiful Buckingham Palace, where an exhibition was taking place of the State Rooms, an exhibition called 'A Royal Welcome'. The State Rooms are used for State Visits, receptions, Garden Parties, Investitures and for private audiences.

While entering the Palace, we had the opportunity to walk to the State Rooms through the Grand Entrance. An opportunity that visitors before us in the past never had the pleasure of doing so.  But before we walked through the Grand Entrance, to the right of us at the Grand Entrance portico, was the Australian Stage Coach, which is the actual carriage that Her Majesty uses to depart and return for ceremonial processions.

Walking through the Grand Entrance was like walking through a fairytale, the rich colours of red and gold heightened the feeling of what it would be like to be an honoured guest of Her Majesty. The Picture Gallery we strolled through with wide eyes was quite amazing. A vast collection of paintings from Rembrandt to Claude can be seen throughout this magnificent room. If you find and draw inspiration from art and paintings this is one aspect of the tour that you wouldn’t want to miss.

We soon stumbled across the ballroom that had been set up to show how the banquet hall would usually look like for State Visits. Again this was an amazing sight to see; the rich colours of red and gold made their appearance again, the tables decorated with stunning flower arrangements and the table settings were laid out to perfection. There was also a mini installation set up to show you just how much time and effort goes into creating this room fit for 170 lucky people.

After the walk through the banquet hall, we found ourselves gazing at the other State Rooms. The State Rooms had different colours and were one after the other and were filled with intricate decorations to match that of each room.

We were lucky enough to have a private drawing lesson taught by the talented Emma Finch on the lawn of Buckingham Palace. After a quick lesson of some drawing tips and tricks we got to choose the landscape we wanted to draw, the lake, the gardens or Buckingham Palace itself. Sitting by the lake in the Palace garden, was a truly surreal experience and an amazing way to take in everything we had seen that day, It felt bizarre to think we were right in the middle of the city when surrounded by so much beautiful wildlife and the smell of freshly cut grass.

We would like to thank the learning team at The Royal Collection for taking the time out of their busy schedules to educate us on one of the most historic monarchal buildings in Britain, and Emma Finch for her patience, knowledge and enthusiasm in the drawing lesson!

We had so much fun!

Please CLICK on the picture to see more images of our incredible day

Published by Lucy Korol Smith