Renaissance Foundation team go behind the scenes for - 'Suffragette' Movie

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On the 8th of October I was invited to my first ever press junket for the upcoming film Suffragette. It was to be held at the renowned Claridges hotel; full of history and royalty connections and therefore a perfect place for this British drama.

The 200-year-old building was certainly around when women were struggling for equality and fighting for the vote, so nerves started to kick in as Corey and I entered the entrance of the building.

However just before the exciting/nerve racking moment of meeting both Sarah Gavron (director) and Abi Morgan (writer). We were guided towards another highlight of my evening, the elevator. Now I know this doesn’t sound much but we later discovered that this was the oldest elevator still in use in London today, and if that still wasn’t enough it also had its very own lift operator who was extremely friendly and a very comfy sofa.

Anyway once the excitement of the lift was over we were taken to a waiting area, which was basically a converted bedroom at the Claridges. This was our first insight to what your money can buy when staying a night at the hotel, from marble decorated bathrooms to king size beds it was a great experience. But we wasn’t there for long as it was our time to enter the stage filled with cameras, lights, filming crew, posters and more importantly the director and writer. It was like a job interview that was being recorded but luckily I managed to blend into the background and let Corey take the limelight!

Watching from behind the scenes I got to see how genuine both these women were and passionate not only about the film but also about Renaissance Foundation and the work we do. Although we were their last interviewers for the day, they did not hold back and delivered great answers that you can see on our Youtube channel RenaissanceCharity. Just before the evening was over Abi Morgan very kindly asked us to contact her again, with the possibility or arranging something for the future with RF.

The one thing I have learnt from my experience is that it is always good to try something new, and for those who haven’t heard of the film Suffragette or not looking to watch it. Take a chance this week or the next as its just been released in UK and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Would like to thank the staff at Claridges hotel and the team behind the press junket, Sarah Gavron and Abi Morgan for taking the time to answer our questions. And on a personal note RF for giving me this opportunity.

Published by Sunil Chandla

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