Young Leaders Wahid and Qasim participate in 02 Think Big Project

Wahid and Qasim, are two of Renaissance Foundation’s Young Leaders, who have been selected to take part in this years O2 Think Big Project.

Think Big aims to inspire, support and enable young people with great ideas; so they can have an impact on society while getting the hands on experience and skills they need to thrive in today’s digital world. In this occasion, they were asked to pitch their ideas for a project which would benefit their community, under the theme of ‘Get Digital’. They presented their ideas and were both chosen in between thousands of people to bring their projects to life. They have both been awarded with £300, which they will have to invest in equipment and expenses to develop this idea over the next six months.

Qasim’s project is titled ‘Famous Speeches’ and will feature a range of very different people in everyday situations recreating famous speeches. On the other hand Wahid’s one, ‘Five Minutes on Focus', will show people giving valuable youth advice. If the O2 Think Big jury decide their projects are successful they will grant them with £2,500 to develop these ideas even further!

With these projects they will both have the chance to put into practice the media skills they have learnt and developed at the foundation, where they have both had the chance to interview and film role models of the likes of US Ambassador Matthew Barzun, Mary J Blige or Martin Sheen amongst many others.

At Renaissance Foundation we are very proud to have intelligent, hard working and talented Young People like Wahid and Qasim and want to encourage others like them to follow their dreams and engage with unique opportunities like this one. Below Wahid and Qasim’s interview with US Ambassador Matthew Barzun