Sir Richard Branson speaks to RF Young Leaders at his UK home

Foto by Corey Samuel

Renaissance Foundation’s Young Leaders had the privilege to be welcomed by Richard Branson at his private home for a unique meeting in which he unveiled the secrets to success.

Fiona Hiyabu, Wahid Uddin and Abdul Qasim, are the 17 year old college students who where chosen to take part in this once in lifetime opportunity, as a reward for their hard work and engagement with the Foundation. They are part of RF’s Young Leaders initiative, a 3 year personalised support program which aims to help and inspire a number of young people with significant difficulties. The program includes mentoring, educational attainment and experiencing inspirational world-class opportunities like this one.

Showing their leadership skills and abilities learned at the RF’s workshops they prepared a series of questions for Sir Richard Branson, asking him advice for Young People like them. Branson gave really positive and personal answers, opening up about things such as his dyslexia and his difficulties in school, something that many kids struggle with today. His advice will surely serve as an inspiration for young people everywhere, which like him, want to achieve great things.

In this visit Richard Branson proved to be a very positive role model with a lot of wisdom to offer on how to succeed in life through: hard work, team effort and positive thinking.

Check out the video below and visit our Youtube Channel for the full interview