“We inspire young people living with significant challenges to achieve their full potential” 


No childhood is the same and many are difficult but at RF we work with three groups that can find this time almost impossible.

These three groups all face different challenges but what binds them together is that they can miss out on some of the most important elements of childhood: learning, making friends and planning for the future. We’ve put together an amazing three-year programme with some incredible supporters to help these young people.

Nothing can compensate for a truly difficult childhood, but with your help we can do something really meaningful.

Please explore our website to find out how you could be a part of our mission...



Renaissance Foundation at The Nobel Peace Prize CEREMONY in Oslo 

Find out more about our unique annual trip to the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo here

WATCH: Renaissance Foundation at the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway Our charity is invited annually to the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo. Young people supported by the charity are invited to apply in a competition run by Renaissance FoundationWatch our young leaders story to find out more.

See What our young people create on our you Tube Channel 

Watch our educational video projects directly featured and made by our young leaders for other young people

WATCH: F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton Speak with The Renaissance Foundation Youth leaders to support our #MLK50 campaign. Lewis talks about Dr. Martin Luther King, and how important it is for young people to be inspired by Nobel Peace Prize winners including,  Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai among others,