About us

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The Issue:

We’d like to put you in the shoes of our young people. Perhaps you are a young carer and mum can’t help you get ready for school in the morning. Instead, you make the family breakfast and care for her. You aren’t the best student at school because you’re distracted thinking about her or because you have missed school taking her to hospital appointments. Perhaps you are a young patient transitioning from paediatric to adult care. You are frustrated and resistant to taking your medication because your life hasn’t panned out how you expected. Or maybe you are one of our school pupils at-risk of exclusion and you are facing difficulties at home which makes focusing on school impossible causing you to be labelled ‘unteachable’.

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Working across London with these groups – young carers, young hospital patients and at-risk school pupils – we are committed to helping them achieve their potential. Working across London with these groups – young carers, young hospital patients and at-risk school pupils – we are committed to helping them achieve their potential. Research has demonstrated that a lack of self-confidence and self-belief, coupled with a sense of powerlessness, are common amongst the young people we work with. We see first-hand through our work how these issues can lead to poor educational outcomes and social isolation, increasing the risk of mental health issues, which can in turn prevent young people from achieving their full potential.

The Renaissance Program

What We Do

Our 3-year course is designed to help emotionally and practically. Our young people already have an incredible amount of resilience, but we help them to apply it to other parts of their lives through inspirational visits around the UK and abroad. At our workshops and social events we help broaden horizons by teaching practical skills like critical thinking, public speaking and computer literacy. Alongside our fantastic corporate partners like KPMG, CNN and YouTube, we help our young people to think about their future careers. Above all, we provide a place for our young people to come to where they can talk, share, learn and develop.

We believe our course helps young people in a very practical way now, and gives them a real opportunity to prosper in the future.

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Who We Work With

All participants to the charity’s programme are referred by well-respected authorities. We get nominations from local schools and organisations that support young carers, and hospitals such as Chelsea Westminster Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital. These high-profile relationships are a mark of trust in the foundation’s ability to deliver positive change. Click here to read the endorsement of a former prime minister! Over the course of 10 years we have built up an amazing network of relationships with experts in their field from business, sport, the arts, academia and government. The annual jewel in our crown is a trip to the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo.

Here’s where you come in:

Partner Organisations

If you or your organisation are able to pledge your time and expertise by providing opportunities for our young people, please contact: info@renaissance-foundation.com

You can help financially through Corporate Responsibility support, matching the fundraising of individuals within the organisation, or including us within give-as-you-earn schemes. Alternatively, you may be able to offer work experience or become a mentor.

Individual Donors

We dearly need financial support to keep our office space and central hub open. Our hub is a space which the young people can come to to work on their own projects, talk with their friends or just have a quiet cup of tea.

You can donate on our website to our ‘Keep the Lights On’ campaign or even become a ‘Friend of RF’ and support us financially and in person by coming along to our events and meeting some of the amazing people we work with.

Parents, Carers and Professionals

If you know a young person who could benefit from the course that we provide then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at info@renaissance-foundation.com


If you are the parent or carer of a young person who is already working with us we have a number of ways of getting in touch, see our contact us page.

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