Want to be part of RF?

“Before, I was shy, I wasn’t motivated, and my worst fear was public speaking. Now I’ve faced my challenges and fears, I do public speaking and networking. I even interviewed Malala’s father in Norway.”
— Fiona, one of our young leaders.

Want to join us?

At Renaissance Foundation we have spent the last 15 years helping over 500 young people. There are two groups that we specialise in helping and if you think you fit into these categories we want to be there for you.


Young Carers:

Some young people need to look after sickly relatives which can be a huge strain on their lives and often they don’t even know how much of an impact this can have. At RF we’ll give you a space to come and talk to us, meet other people like you, and provide you with some really cool experiences.


Transitioning Hospital Patients:

Another group that we help are those young people who have had major health problems and are moving from child-friendly hospitals like Great Ormond Street into adult care. We know how difficult this process is and how scary it can be. However, we also know that you are much more than your illness. Join us and we’ll help you make new friends and get involved with some completely different sorts of activities, whatever your illness may be.


Here’s the bottom line:

We understand what you’re going through and our 15 years of experience have shown that we can help.


What next?

We work mostly with people that are referred to us by professionals that know them. Consider talking to your Doctor or Nurse, someone at school or a local young carers group. Alternatively, you can email us at sorrel@renaissance-foundation.com.


If you still need convincing, why not have a look at the rest of our site and see some of the amazing things we’ve been able to do. Or, you can check out our Keep-it-real website which features videos and photos from the young people we’ve helped previously. Lastly, if you’re nervous about meeting us, feel free to bring along a parent or guardian the first time. We’re willing to bet that if you join us on one visit, it won’t be long before you want to join us every week.