The Programme

Renaissance Foundation inspires young people facing various serious challenges to fulfil their unique potential. We achieve this through a three-year bespoke programme focused on strengthening our young people’s resilience, developing their soft skills and broadening their horizon of work. .

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Year 1

In the first year of the programme, our young people are encouraged to ‘Engage and Identify’ their interests. We aim to ignite a variety of passions in our young people through a tailored schedule of aspirational, positive and empowering speakers and activities. Here, there is a focus on developing a sense of belonging and community between our three groups through activities and visits which foster team-building and communication skills including visits to Buckingham Palace and Queen’s Club.

Year 2

Building upon the foundation created during the first year, the theme of the second year will be ‘Explore and Apply’ with the most obvious change being a shift into more project-based activities which will allow the students to further explore their interests they may have come to identify in year one. The young people will be encouraged to build on the goals they set in the first year and focus on developing traits and experiences through two distinct social action projects and sessions with our corporate partners. In the past this has included a project run with Historic Royal Palaces which you can find out about here.



Year 3

The final year is designed to prepare the young people for the next stages in their life and they are encouraged to ‘Evaluate and Explore’ what they have learnt from previous years. The sessions that we provide in this year will be predominantly focused on highlighting career pathways and the required employability skills. On top of this we run our annual visit to the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway designed to foster active citizenship. You can find out more about this here.

After the programme…

We appreciate that after the programme ends, the young people who have been on the RF journey will want to stay connected to us. Therefore, we have set up an Alumni Network to ensure that we can still signpost our Young Leaders to opportunities outside of RF and make sure they fulfil their potential. We also have a Youth Board which graduates can get involved in.


What our Young Leaders say

I know what it’s like to have no support when you need it most and through Renaissance Foundation’s programme I’ve learnt the skills to be a young leader, specifically to help others and be the best that I can be.
— Wahid, RF Young Leader

See some of our videos here

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There will be at least 8 events per cohort per year which range from careers and employability support sessions to inspirational sessions to local and foreign institutions, and even interviews with role models who have themselves overcome challenges. On top of these programme events we will have unique events open to all of the young people throughout the year such as film screening or evening talks at our Youth Hub with inspirational speakers.


The majority of events run in half-terms and summer holidays to prevent disruption to schooling. However, every so often there are some unique opportunities which RF is invited to which coincide with term dates. For example, we attend the F1 Press Day every year in July which falls on a Thursday in term-time. When we offer visits outside of school holidays we ensure that they will offer unique educational and aspirational benefits to our young people.

+ When Does the programe run from?

All programme activity for each cohort begins in the Easter holidays and will end the following March. This pattern will repeat three times until each participant has completed the programme.

+ Who do you work with?

We work with a variety of brilliant programme and corporate partners to deliver our programme. Some key partners include the Royal Collection, BFI, Chelsea FC Foundation, Oxford University, the Trust for Sustainable Living, PEN Partnership, KPMG and Equinor.

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