Rebecca's Internship with Renaissance Foundation


Over the summer, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to intern with Renaissance Foundation and it was an experience I will never forget! The work that the RF team do is amazing and I am extremely grateful that they allowed me to be part of their inspiring work. Each day at Renaissance was new and exciting and I was always working on something interesting! The RF team were so welcoming and I felt like a part of the team from the start as they fully involved me in everything going on at RF. I helped with fundraising applications, wrote newsletters, managed their social media channels and helped plan events. The team allowed me to take a lead in planning their annual table tennis fundraiser which was so much fun and I’m grateful as it allowed me to gain experience in event planning. Whatever the task, the work was always rewarding and inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed gaining an insight into the workings of a charity.

Although every day was fantastic, the best part of my experience at Renaissance Foundation was meeting the young people when I attended the events. For me, it was very rewarding to see the outcome of all the hard work and planning in the office in person. The trip to Buckingham Palace and the drawing session in the garden was definitely one of my favourite events and an experience I will never forget! Another highlight was the trip to an art event at the US Embassy in London, this was a fascinating trip and showed the variety of events that Renaissance Foundation offer to the young people.

I had a truly amazing experience at Renaissance Foundation and I was sad when I had to leave to return to university. If you are thinking about applying to volunteer at Renaissance Foundation, I’d say go for it as you definitely won’t regret it. Thank you to everyone at RF for allowing me to be a part of the team!